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The Supreme Judicial Court
The Supreme Judicial Court, originally called the Superior Court of Judicature, was established in 1692, and is the oldest appellate court in continuous existence in the Western Hemisphere. Since 1780, the SJC has been operating under the oldest, still functioning written constitution in the world.
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The Appeals Court
Created in 1972, the Appeals Court is a court of general appellate jurisdiction. Most appeals
from the several Departments of the Trial Court are entered initially in the Appeals Court; some are then transferred to the Supreme Judicial Court, but a majority will be decided by the Appeals Court. The Appeals Court also has jurisdiction over appeals from final decisions of two State agencies: the Appellate Tax Board and the Labor Relations Commission. Visit the Appeals Court web site . . .

The Social Law Library
Founded in 1803, the Social Law Library is a member-managed,dues-supported legal research institution. The Library provides research materials, training and services to the judiciary and practicing bar of Massachusetts.
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