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Located in historic Beacon Hill within steps of the State House and King's Chapel, the fully renovated and restored Courthouse will house the Comonwealth's most important judicial institutions - the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, The Massachusetts Appeals Court, and The Social Law Library.

Originally designed by George A. Clough, Boston's first city architect, the Courthouse's granite facade details and slate mansard roof present an eclectic style, mixing Victorian, Classical, an French Empire elements in the 19th century tradition of major public buildings.

The renovation program includes a complete refurbishment of the facility to accomodate all court and library functions. A key element will be the construction of a new seven-justice courtroom for the Supreme Judicial Court. The program will be supported with new services, new environmental and electrical systems, and fully integrated information technology.

Most importantly all renovation work will be achieved within the context of the historic restoration of the Courthouse's architectural features which include The Great Hall - the key public space - and the original oak panel courtrooms. The Great Hall features a majestic artwork ceiling to be conserved.




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