Courthouse History Occupants New Library Photos and Drawings Team and Progress Project Overview Press Releases and News Stories

Channel 5 WCVB-TV, "Boston Judicial Landmark Getting Face-Lift," (June 13, 2002) (Includes video of Anthony Everett's Report)

Boston Herald, "Courthouse renamed to honor Adams," (June 13, 2002, By Michael O'Connor)

Boston Globe, "Courthouse is renamed for John Adams," (June 13, 2002, By Gloria Rodriguez)

Boston Herald, "Adams honored at last," (June 13, 2002)

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, " Law Libraries and Law Librarians: Then, Now, and Later," (October 19, 1992, "special edition")

Massachusetts Law Review, "Social Law Library Is Moving Into the 21st Century," (December 1995)

Massachusetts law Review, "The Angry Politics of the Era of the Founding of the Social Law Library," (December 1995)

From Courthouses of the Commonwealth, "The Houses of the Law: A History of Superior Court Architecture in Massachusetts," John C. McConnell (1984)



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