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Social Law Library F.A.Q.
Steps on how to Troubleshoot your connection to Social Law Databases.
Not only can you manage your email account from your computer, the Social Law Library allows you to manage your email over the World Wide Web. This gives you the flexibility to access your email account from any computer with Internet access.

Here are some common errors which you can troubleshoot if you can't download your email from the Social Law Library mail server.
The Social Law Library's Email Server requires that you set up your email application for SMTP authentication.

All SMTP or Outgoing Mail Server usernames and passwords are the same as your Incoming Mail Server usernames and passwords.

PLEASE NOTE: The POP3 protocol will download all of the mail on our server to your device. If you are configuring a second device to connect to your email box, choose IMAP as a protocol. All of the other configurations remain the same. You may contact the Technology Services team at 617-226-1570 with any questions you may have.

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