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Legal Publishers

Provides law school accreditation, legal education, and law information for lawyers and judges.
ACLU protects and defends individuals by using the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
Topics include applied legal philosophy, jurisprudence, human rights, corporate law, European law, medical law, environmental law and criminology.
For attorneys, business professionals, and law students. Products consist of analytical and practical information covering both U.S. and international topics.
Distributor of books, music and video products to libraries and schools.
Publisher of print, electronic news, analysis and reference products for decision makers.
Legal, business, government and tax information - United Kingdom.
Finance, tax, business and legal information.
Books that contain information on law, e-commerce and economic.
Publisher that contains printed and electronic formats of law, accounting and business.
Researches and develops computer-mediated legal instructions.
Legal, tax, accounting and human resources professionals in Canada.
Produces research material for human resources, tax, law and securities for professionals in Canada.
Explains, analyzes and produces publications for tax and business law professionals.
A database of books in different languages providing on-line and remote research tools for individuals, librarians, scientists.
Provides business professionals with an online compliance library of environmental, health, safety and transportation regulations.
Government, tax, law and other related books.
To help states increase efficiency by using information products that contain useful and practical policy solutions.
Publisher of federal civil rules.
Contains formated books, journals, periodicals, newsletters, seminars, CD-ROMs, and multimedia platforms.
Series of legal study aids.
Research and education agency for the federal judicial courts.
Educational and publisher of resources that provide training and education seminar programs on accounting, estate planning, finance, retirement and negotiation strategies.
Helps create and convert records into a searchable database.
Choose from books, binders, CD-ROM, personal digital assistant, or intranet for up-to-date law resources.
Offers CD-ROM opinions from the US Supreme Court and the Federal Appellate Courts.
Markets and distributes software and publication products to the international business professionals.
Humanitarian organization working globally and enjoying international legal status.
Provides books and programs to help solve environmental problems.
Search and browse through books, e-books, journals and media titles.
Provider of academic and professional information - South Africa.
Analytical and practical information for attorneys, business professionals, and law students.
Global provider of legal and regulatory information.
Database book publisher that offers new, used and rare law books.
Integrating state newspaper that covers legal news.
A Time Warner book group company.
Publisher of special education law products and bankruptcy court decisions.
Use the locator to find a lawyer by name, location/area of practice, by firm, lawyers in corporations, or law school faculty.
Offers analytical legal information in print and CD-ROM formats, and via the Internet.
Searchable book database.
Published material on codifying municipal laws and ordinances for local governments.
International legal information designed for law librarians, practicing attorneys, business executives, academicians, and researchers.
Offers a wide range of specialized, and broadly applicable, reference and reporting products and services.
Nonprofit research organization that provides objective analysis and effective solutions.
Independent international publisher of journals, books, and electronic media.
Offers online and print products to help you quickly validate your research to build your arguments efficiently and reliably.

Provides weekly up-to-date briefings on legislative and regulatory action in the the U.S.
Legislative Research and Comparative Law - Israel
Helps professionals in business, government, law and academia by providing analysis news, analysis, training and planning tools.
Offers intellectual property research products and services.
Consists of print and online references covering the nation's federal, state, and county courts.
Research, practice materials, and compliance tools for tax, accounting and corporate finance professionals.
Provides technology tools for citation research and databases that contain legal, financial and business news.
Serving the law library community by distributing legal periodicals.
Global international organization dealing with the rules of trade between nations.
American Organizations
Information about mediation, arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR).
Provides legal, news, public records and business information in online, print or CD-ROM formats.
State code publication
Media company that focuses on the legal and business communities.
Wide range of legal issues found in books, forms and software.
Continuing legal education organization that provides up-to-date, relevant information and techniques - New York.
Provider of information and solutions to the legal and professional markets in the UK and Ireland.

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