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The Social Law Library publishes two collections of databases. The Massachusetts Substantive Law Databases and the Massachusetts Administrative Law Databases deliver tremendous value. These databases use a search engine that allows full-text and Boolean search capability. Some of this information is not available elsewhere in an electronically searchable format. Visit membership for more information becoming an SLL member and having online access to SLL databases.


Library members get free unlimited access to the Massachusetts Substantive Law Databases which includes the following searchable databases:

Supreme Judicial Court (May 20, 1904 +)
Massachusetts Appeals Court (1972 +)
Superior Court (submitted decisions 1999 +)
Fair Labor Business Practices of the Attorney General (April 8, 1994 - 2008)
Business Litigation Session of the Superior Court (Oct. 2000 +)
Housing Court (1989 +)
Land Court (1978 +)
Appellate Division of the District Court & the Appellate Division of the Boston Municipal Court (January 13, 2003 +)
Mass. Appeals Court Rule 1:28 decisions
Massachusetts General Laws
Code of Massachusetts Regulations
Massachusetts Rules of Court
State Building Code 6th Edition
State Building Code 7th Edition
U.S. District Court of Massachusetts (5/2000 +)
U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit (11/95 +)
State Constitution
U.S. Constitution


These online databases are available to Library members by subscription and are updated quarterly.

Web access for one user to selected Administrative Law Databases is available at an annual cost of $190 per database. Additional simultaneous users may be activated at a cost of $100 each per year. Full firm members may obtain access to all of the Administrative Law Databases with authorization by IP address (no password required) for 5 simultaneous users from the location on your membership account at a cost of $1,900 per year.

Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (1991 +)
Appellate Tax Board (1986 +)
Board of Bar Overseers (1979 +)
Bid Protest Decisions of the Massachusetts Attorney General (2000 +)
Board of Conciliation & Arbitration (2002 +)
Board of Registration in Medicine (1989 +)
Bureau of Special Education Appeals (2007 +)
Civil Service Commission (2004 +)
Contributory Retirement Appeals Board (1993 +)
Department of Environmental Protection (1983 +)
Department of Industrial Accidents (1987 +)
Division of Insurance (1992 +)
Department of Public Utilities (formerly DTE) (1985 +)
Energy Facilities Siting Board (2000 +)
Housing Appeals Committee (1971 +)
Joint Labor Management Committee (1989 +)
Department of Labor Relations (formerly LRC) (1977 +)
Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (1983 +)
Office of the Attorney General (1985 +)
State Ethics Commission (1980 +)

To subscribe to an Administrative Database please call Technology Services at 617-226-1570.

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