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Circulation Policy

Policy effective October 1, 2010

The Social Law Library’s Circulation Policy is premised upon its dedication to the preservation and integrity of a vibrant multi-faceted collection focused on the needs of its members. Library staff is responsible for marshalling Library resources to best serve the Library’s entire membership.

Social Law Library members with circulation privileges may borrow materials from the Library under the following conditions: The Library will loan all Core, State, Federal, MCLE and CD-ROM materials for a period of one week. These items may be renewed up to three times by the borrower either in person, over the telephone (617 226-1500), via email ( or or through the On-line Catalog, provided that no request has been made for the item by another patron. All Non Core material will be circulated for a one time loan period of 28 days with no renewals.

*Core materials are all items listed as being located on the 4th Floor Reading Room, Foreign and Periodicals. All Non Core materials are listed as being located on the 1st Floor Non-core.

Items currently checked out to a patron may be placed on the pickup shelf for delivery. In the event that the materials have not been picked up within 4 business days, the Library will check the materials back in and place them back on the shelf so other patrons can browse the collection. The Library is not required to hold materials beyond this point and all patrons are responsible for managing their pickups.

The Library provides a variety of circulation notices that can be sent via regular mail or electronic mail. Patrons may request that particular notices be sent in one format or the other by contacting Circulation at 617 226-1500 or E-mail addresses may be added to patron records by contacting the Membership Office at 617 226-1530, or

Itemized Statement:
A consolidated list of items checked out to all members of a firm or organization that can be issued on a weekly or monthly schedule as meets the needs of the member.

Hold Notice:
A patron will be notified when an item requested becomes available. Items will be held for five days for pick up before being used to fill other requests or returned to the collection. If a hold cannot be filled from the Library’s collection, the borrower will be offered inter-library loan service.

Recall Notice: A borrower will be notified when an overdue item must be returned to fulfill another member’s request. Borrowers will be contacted when an item they have on loan is scheduled for updating or is being replaced with a newer edition.

If borrowed items are not returned or renewed by the date due, an overdue notice will be sent to the borrower and overdue charges will begin to accrue.

A fine of $1.10 per business day per item is charged beginning on the first day overdue and, after five days, a fine of $2.25 per business day per item is levied. The fines will accumulate until the item is returned, renewed, or a replacement bill is assessed. If the item is renewed, the borrower is liable for all overdue fines accumulated prior to the renewal. If a renewal is denied (because another patron has requested the material or the total number of permitted renewals has been reached), overdue fines will continue to accumulate until the item is returned or a replacement bill is assessed. No overdue fine will be levied if an item is returned or renewed on the first day that it is overdue.

The first overdue notice will be sent on the first day an item is overdue, the second notice one week after the first, the third notice two weeks after the second, and the fourth notice two weeks after the third.

If an item continues to be overdue seven weeks after the fourth notice was sent, a replacement bill will be mailed. A minimum charge of $129.25 for the item plus a $30.00 processing fee will be assessed on the replacement bill. To avoid replacement charges, the patron must return the item and pay a total of $129.25 in overdue fines. Items with a replacement value in excess of $129.25 will be billed at their actual replacement cost plus the $30.00 processing fee. Processing fees are not refundable.

The borrower is liable for all replacement costs for lost materials including a processing fee as well as overdue fines that may have accumulated up to the day that the borrower notifies the Library of the loss. Once the materials have been reordered, the borrower remains liable for the replacement costs regardless of whether the materials originally reported as lost are subsequently found and returned.

Circulation privileges will be canceled when a borrower’s total overdue fines and/or replacement costs exceed $600.00. Privileges will be reinstated upon payment of all monies due to the Library.

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