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Reference Tips

Advertising Without Fear (or spreading fear)
Boston’s crash course in unconventional advertising or guerrilla marketing brings to mind the question, what resources discuss the legal aspects of advertising and promotion? . . .

Putting a Crimp in the Competition
These days we all seem to love watching people try to outdo each other. Athletic, singing, dancing and even hiring competitions top the TV ratings. Business owners on the other hand dislike competition from their former employees and try to restrict it by requiring people they hire to sign employment contracts which include a section lawyers call a “covenant not to compete.” . . .

Sweet Solos
To succeed today, solo and small firm attorneys have to combine legal acumen with strong business sense. Finding sources full of advice on the best ways to manage your practice is as easy as consulting Social Law Library Research Guide 23: Solo and Small Firm Practice.

HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
At a time when information technology makes information sharing a simple matter it’s important to be aware of the federal law governing the maintenance and security of personal medical records. Health care providers, employers, insurers and patients need to be aware of their rights and obligations under both federal and state laws. Click here for some of the resources available at Social Law to help you understand a topic that affects us all . . .

“Scooter Libby Gets 30 Months”, “Paris Hilton In for 23 days”. Every newspaper and newscast these days has a story about the criminal penalties that the rich, the famous and the obscure receive for their crimes. The sentencing process can be a very complicated one for both prosecutors and defense counsel. so take advantage of the following works in the Social Law Library collection. . .

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