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Social Law Salutes the 225th Anniversary of the Massachusetts Constitution of 1780

On December 7th the Social Law Library celebrated the 225th anniversary of the Massachusetts Constitution of 1780.The Massachusetts Constitution of 1780, drafted by John Adams, is the oldest written constitution in the world. It originated the famous phrase “a government of laws and not of men,” and was the source of inspirational words, “We the People,” most commonly associated with the Federal Constitution.

The 225th Anniversary of the Massachusetts Constitution of 1780 was celebrated with a Scholarly Symposium, a Moving Message from Chief Justice Marshall, Spontaneous Toasts from Leaders of the BBA, the MBA and a Federal Judge, plus an Exhibit of Original Documents developed by the SJC Historical Society and the Supreme Judicial Court Division of Archives and Records Preservation.

Photo: Chief Justice Margaret Marshall listens to toasts at the reception following the scholarly symposium.

For more information click below:
A Brief History of the Constitution of 1780 and Relive the Events With Narrated Timeline.

Pictures and Description of the Scholarly Event that Featured the Nation's Most Renowned Constitutional Historians.

Spontaneous Toasts to the Massachusetts Constitution of 1780 Given by Chief Justice Marshall, BBA President Edward P. Leibensberger, MBA President-Elect Mark Mason, and Federal District Court Judge George O'Toole.

                                     Pictures of Original Documents.

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